Artist's Prosthetic Arm Includes Working Tattoo Machine

Andrew LaSane
JC Sheitan Tenet on Facebook
JC Sheitan Tenet on Facebook / JC Sheitan Tenet on Facebook

When JC Sheitan Tenet of Lyons, France lost his right hand, he was forced to learn how to use his left to do everything that his dominant hand once did—including making body art. Eventually, Gizmag reports, he got help in the form of a "biomechanical prosthesis" that features a built-in tattoo machine.

Along with fellow artist JL Gonzal, Sheitan designed and built a custom arm out of a real prosthesis, typewriter, record player, and sewing machine parts, and all the necessary elements of a standard tattooing machine. The result was a functional prosthesis, and though the artist still uses his left hand for line and detail work, he then has the option to switch to his right to fill in spaces.

In an interview with Motherboard, Tenet explained that the custom arm began as a "kinetic sculpture," but reactions from the public inspired him and Gonzal to find a way to make it more practical. The artist uses his shoulder to move the arm, but says that future prototypes will ideally have wrist mobility and movable fingers for improved dexterity.

Take a look at the video below to see Tenet and his custom arm at work.

[h/t Gizmag]