NASA Releases High-Definition Mars Recruitment Posters

Rebecca OConnell

NASA imagines a time in the near feature where people—"explorers, farmers, surveyors, teachers … but most of all YOU!"—will be asked to take a journey to the red planet. In that spirit of fun, exploration, and forward thinking, the agency has released eight gorgeously illustrated Mars recruitment posters.

Each of the playful propaganda-style images presents a different angle for traveling to Mars. Whether it be an astronaut tending crops, or an adventurer hiking the solar system's largest canyon, they certainly do a good job making the trip look appealing.

Originally commissioned by NASA in 2009, the posters were part of an exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex. Now they are free for the public to download and print out. The files come as JPGs or TIFs and make posters that can be up to 30 x 48 inches at full scale. You can download the full-resolution images here.

[h/t Gizmodo]

Images courtesy of NASA/KSC.