Looking like a delicious bowling ball, a rare black watermelon was put up for auction in Asahikawa, Japan Tuesday, with the winning bid coming in at approximately ¥500,000 (about $4700).

It was one of 260 Densuke variety watermelons sold in Asahikawa and Sapporo markets this week; by July, an estimated 70,000 will be in circulation. The designer fruits—Japan also specializes in giant strawberries—often fetch high prices because they’re perceived as a premium gift idea, with produce from the first harvest of the season inducing the greatest sticker shock.

Is it worth the money? In 2014, the Toronto Star enlisted staffers in a blind taste test after nine of the melons arrived in Canada carrying a $200 price tag. The results were inconclusive, with some tasters preferring the texture of an Ontario-grown melon. Price? $6.99.  

[h/t Japan Times]