Furniture Made Out of Recycled Dollars and Coins

Andrew LaSane
Rolf Bruggink
Rolf Bruggink / Rolf Bruggink

Most people use money to buy things based on what the currency's denomination says it's worth, but Dutch artist Rolf Bruggink's Recycled Currency art series looks at dollar bills and change in a different way. Bruggink uses U.S. currency for its intrinsic value as physical objects, building bowls and benches out of the coins and cash as a way to question what money actually means in today's society.

"Sitting on a bench made up solely of rolled up one dollar bills, a curious feeling it is to use as practical object those symbols that have stood so long for our personal security and comfort," reads the project description on the artist's website. In photos on his Facebook page, the artist shows how the dollar bills are laid out and pasted together into sheets before being rolled and shaped into a piece of furniture.

For more photos of the benches at an exhibition in Milan, head to Design Boom.

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Images via Rolf Bruggink