A Foldable Sports Facility for Cramped Cities


In big cities, space is at a premium. But while your neighborhood may not have room for both soccer fields and a basketball court, a foldable rec center by a group of South Korea-based architects has it all, according to WIRED.

In Seoul, you often need to reserve a basketball court two months in advance to play, and B.U.S. Architecture wanted a way to get around the requirement. The result is the Undefined Playground, which folds out to support a variety of games. Each face of the wheeled structure supports a different game: one has basketball hoops, another a soccer goal, another discus targets, and another a blank face to hit tennis or racket balls against.

Depending on how the oversized doors are folded out, you can create a small enclosed court for your game. The Undefined Playground also contains a small room that can be used for equipment rentals or as an office. You still need enough space to move around in, but with the folding playground, that space can just as easily be a parking lot as a painted court.

[h/t WIRED]

All images by Kyung Roh courtesy B.U.S. Architecture

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