This Automated Dog Bone Toy Lets Fido Play While You're at Work


Does Fido get lonely or lazy while you’re at work? Get his tail wagging and blood pumping with the GoBone. According to Mashable, the “smart” dog bone is a soft, interactive toy with wheels that races around your house unaided. It provides your canine with physical and mental stimulation while you’re sitting miles away in your cubicle.

Since you’re not home to turn the GoBone on and off, it comes equipped with software that sends it into rest mode to give your dog a break, and come alive when your pup’s in need of playtime. And since no two canines are alike, the GoBone is designed to adapt to your dog’s play style, age, weight, or breed.

Another fun feature? If you're jealous that Fido's having all the fun, GoBone comes with a smartphone companion app that lets you play hide-and-seek or “catch” with your pooch.

The toy’s soft covering is replaceable, so, unlike your iPhone, it’s tooth-friendly tech. It’s also powered via a rechargeable battery, which lasts for eight hours in autonomous mode (perfect for a long workday spent away from your furry friend).

The GoBone is the brainchild of Santiago Gutierrez, the CEO of PulsePet, a consumer electronics company focused on technology for pets. Gutierrez felt bad about leaving his dog at home while he worked all day, Digital Trends writes, so he made the toy to keep it company.

According to its Kickstarter page, the GoBone was tested on 120 dogs for more than 1000 hours. Now, PulsePet wants your pooch to enjoy it, too: The GoBone recently reached its fundraising goal, and pre-orders are available starting at $149 (the lower tier pledge points are already sold out). The bone is estimated to arrive by December 2016. Learn more via the video above, or visit the GoBone's website for additional info.

[h/t Fox News]

Images: GoBone.