Watch Hundreds of Stingrays Swim Together in a Group off Florida's Coast


When thousands of starlings fly together in a graceful formation, it’s called a murmuration. But did you know when hundreds of stingrays swim in a massive group, it’s called a fever? Providing a fitting visual, CNN filmed hundreds of the cartilaginous fish moving in formation in Florida’s Tampa Bay.

Since several types of stingrays live in the Sunshine State's warm western waters, it's difficult to say for sure which kind these ones were. However, WFTS Tampa Bay says they could possibly be cownose rays—a brown, kite-shaped fish with a long, thin tail that looks like a whip. Cownose rays are known to swim together in large groups around the bay, and in late spring they migrate north to Mexico.

Check out the fascinating phenomena in the video above.

[h/t CNN]

Banner image courtesy of iStock