Columbia’s New Clothing Tags Double as Wilderness Survival Tools


The sportswear brand Columbia wants each of its products to serve a utilitarian purpose. The company is converting their once-useless clothing labels into useful survival tools. Aimed at hikers, campers, and fishing enthusiasts, the tags aren’t the only survival kit needed to survive in the wild, but they’re a good start.

Gizmodo explains that the survival labels will replace the old washing and care instructions on select Columbia clothing. In addition to telling you what percent cotton your sweater is, or whether your new jacket is dry-clean only, the new stainless steel tags will be convertible into a range of useful camping tools. They’ll transform into miniature sewing kits, fishing hooks, handsaws, sextants, sun dials, and water purifiers. Each tag will also be accompanied by an online video tutorial, explaining how to build and use each device—which means, they’re both a neat little camping kit and fun way to start learning basic survival skills.

The labels are the creation of advertising agency Ogilvy Istanbul, according to Notcot. At the moment, if you want to purchase your own, you’ll have to follow your compass to 41.002 N, 28.9784 E, the coordinates of the agency’s headquarters in Istanbul. But, hopefully, the tags will soon be coming to stores worldwide.

[h/t Gizmodo]

Banner Image Credit: Selim Ünlüsoy, Vimeo