You Can Now Mail Your Loved Ones a Sky Full of Stars

Caitlin Schneider

If you’ve ever told someone you wanted to give them the stars, here’s your chance.

This cosmos-themed stationery offers more than just space on which to write—it’s an interactive envelope. The recipient cuts off the end, empties out the contents (a note inside helps to instruct), and peers inside while facing a light source. A cluster of real life constellations is revealed and voila: You’ve just given your friend or loved one a little corner of the universe.

The star-filled envelopes come in a package of five from Japan Trend Shop, and will set you back $83, plus the cost of shipping (no one said buying a piece of the sky was cheap). You can also get them from the Kami no Kousakujo online store in Japan for $10, but it’s unclear what shipping to the U.S. might add on to that total.

For any city-dweller, it might be worth it just to see a "sky" full of stars sans light pollution.

[h/t Gizmodo]

All images from Kami no Kousakujo.