This Baker Makes Bread With Adorable Art Hidden Inside

Michele Debczak

Baking a great loaf of bread is a tricky skill to master. Instagram user konel_bread has given herself the added challenge of baking whimsical works of art into each loaf she creates.

As you can see from her photos below, the baker's bread designs include cute animals, wild patterns, and characters from pop culture. Same of her most distinctive baked goods are modeled to look like fruit when sliced open. According to Mashable, she achieves the effect by arranging long tubes of dyed dough into precise configurations inside her loaves. The final product is only revealed when the bread comes out of the oven and ready to enjoy. If you're hungry for more adorable baked goods content, check out Vickie Liu's doughnut-filled Instagram.

[h/t Mashable]

All images: Instagram.