Microsoft Outlook Makes it Even Easier to Schedule Your Starbucks Fix

Anna Green

Coffee and the workday have always gone hand-in-hand: We grab a to-go cup on our way to the office, punctuate our nine-to-five with coffee breaks, and schedule our meetings over a cup of joe. The folks at Microsoft Outlook realize this, and have teamed up with Starbucks to make scheduling meetings and giving the gift of coffee even easier.

Engadget reports that Microsoft recently released a new add-in for Outlook that allows users to find and schedule a meeting at a nearby Starbucks via email. In addition to inevitably bringing Starbucks more business, the extension creates an easy way to quickly plan some face-to-face time. Instead of long deliberations about where to meet, users can just hit the “Meet at Starbucks” button embedded in their toolbar, and let Outlook do the rest. Users can also send each other Starbucks gift cards, making it easy to thank coworkers for their hard work, or let friends and family know you’re thinking of them (hey, it's not all about business). Check out the video above to see the add-in in action.

[h/t Engadget]

Banner image credit: Getty Images

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