Amsterdam May Install Sensors that Dole Out Free Wi-Fi When People Go Green


A Dutch startup called TreeWiFi wants to motivate the citizens of Amsterdam to go green by giving them free Wi-Fi. The company has created a high-tech birdhouse that measures air pollution and doles out free internet access when pollution levels are reduced.

Popular Science reports that the company's founder, Joris Lam, is raising money to produce and install the TreeWiFi boxes in trees around Amsterdam. He hopes that the boxes, which glow neon green when the air nearby is clean, will inspire Amsterdam residents to adopt environmentally friendly behaviors, like biking to work instead of driving. There’s also a tiny element of competition incorporated into the TreeWiFi system: Logging into the TreeWiFi app automatically shows users whether their street’s air quality is higher or lower than the rest of Amsterdam, and provides tips for further reducing pollution levels.

But the TreeWiFi project isn’t just about rewarding green behavior with Wi-Fi. Each TreeWiFi box will also record local pollution data, showing researchers the ways in which air quality changes from street to street.

“In Amsterdam, air quality isn't measured very locally,” the TreeWiFi website claims. “Placing TreeWiFi boxes in every street or neighborhood will not only offer researchers a better understanding of the workings of air pollution, but also motivate citizens to get involved in reducing air pollution.”

[h/t Popular Science]

Banner Image Credit: Joris Lam, YouTube

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