Keep Belongings Safe at the Beach With This Hidden Vault


Stowing valuables on a trip to the beach is one of those age-old problems without a satisfying solution. Do you leave everything at home and hope you have no need for money or a phone while you sunbathe? Or do you bring a few essentials and hope no one steals your phone and wallet while you’re off splashing in the waves? Mashable reports that Krystal V. DaCunha and Marcal DaCunha want to solve that riddle once and for all with a handy invention called the Beach Vault.

The Beach Vault is exactly what it sounds like: a little vault which beachgoers can store their possessions in and bury in the sand. It’s easy to hide under a towel and keeps electronics cool, dry, and sand-free. The $39 Beach Vault even comes with a fluffy pillow and a towel with a hole for the Beach Vault lid so that beachgoers can keep their possessions at arm’s reach. Of course, the Beach Vault isn’t fully thief-proof—a truly dedicated thief could certainly find a Beach Vault hidden in the sand—but it does seem likely to prevent crimes of opportunity. Plus, the truly paranoid can always fully bury their Vault instead of leaving the lid uncovered—as long as they remember where they hid it. Check out the Beach Vault demo video above.

[h/t Mashable]

Banner Image Credit: Marcal DaCunha, YouTube

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