Vivid Scenes of Life in Tokyo, Drawn on Coffee Cups

Shaunacy Ferro

After illustrator Adrian Hogan finishes his drink at local coffee shops, his cups don’t go into the trash. They become art.

Hogan, who lives in Tokyo, sketches the daily scenes he encounters in Japan on the outside of used coffee cups, creating colored panoramas of urban life (as seen on CityLab). He makes 360-degree ink portraits of temples, boathouses, hotels, airplanes, offices, restaurants, and, naturally, coffee shops. His portable artworks are a whole new way to explore daily life in Tokyo from afar.

Because still images don't really capture the beauty of the panoramas, on Instagram, he turns the cups into videos. Here are a few of his most recent creations.

This one is of Shiba Park and the Tokyo Tower:

At a Metro station:

Inside a new Tokyo coffee shop:

At a ramen restaurant:

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[h/t CityLab]

All images courtesy Adrian Hogan

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