Germs, Be Gone: This Self-Cleaning Bedding Claims To Be Bacteria-Resistant


You're not washing your pillowcases nearly enough, according to some dermatologists and beauty experts that recommend trips to the laundry every two to three days, or at least once a week. As an alternative to constant cleaning sessions, a company has developed bedding that is less prone to bacterial build-up, thanks to fibers of pure silver that have been woven into the fabric.

According to the Indiegogo campaign for Silvon bedding sets, bed sheets and pillowcases can accumulate the same amount of bacteria that one would find on a toilet seat. The silver-coated fibers in Silvon, on the other hand, reportedly reduce the amount of bacteria on the pillow by 99 percent within an hour.

"Silver carries a positive charge, and bacteria is negative," the video above explains. "The silver is attracted to the bacteria, breaks its cell wall, and the bacteria is destroyed before it has a chance to reproduce."

Despite being made partially of metal, Silvon says that the bedding is still soft, flexible, and holds up over time (the silver is still able to do its job after 200 washes). Because bed sheets usually require beds, Silvon also offers sheet sets with duvet covers, fitted sheets, and flat sheets, which range from Twin-sized to California King-sized.

Since reaching its funding goal last week, the Indiegogo campaign has continued to win over fans, earning over $587,000 (2689 percent over what the company was asking for). To get your hands (and face) on one of the pillowcases, there is still time to pledge $35 or more to the cause.

[h/t Indiegogo]

Images via Silvon on Indiegogo

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