Amazing Furoshiki Cloths Look Like Animals When Folded

Rebecca OConnell
Cochae / Cochae


is already practical, but Japanese company Cochae is also making it adorable with cloths that resemble animals when folded in just the right way.

For the uninformed, furoshiki is a traditional Japanese practice of wrapping cloth around parcels holding gifts, food, and other goods. There are countless ways to fold and knot the cloth into various shapes for different purposes. A single piece can wrap a present, embellish a bottle, or become a bag for transporting items. The tradition has been around for over a thousand years and serves as a helpful practice for lugging around belongings.

The line of large cloths from Cochae all look like abstract designs at first, but transform into adorable animals when folded correctly. The patterns are from designers Yosuke Jikuhara and Miki Takeda, and look like bats, sloths, and monkeys—animals that love to dangle from branches and other fixtures. When folded just so, the wrappings become a charming hanging creature.

You can buy one of these whimsical designs from Cinra for ¥1,620, which is roughly $15.50.

[h/t Core77]