KFC's Takeout Box Will Charge Your Phone While You Eat

Jake Rossen
Getty / Getty

KFC is no stranger to attention-grabbing advertising. In 2011, the company allowed a man dressed like Colonel Sanders to rappel down a 40-story building in Chicago and hand out lunch coupons to the window washers. In 2006, they buried a subliminal message in a commercial that could only be seen during slow-motion playback. (It was an online coupon for a Buffalo Snacker.)

But the company’s India branch may have set a new standard: Their takeout boxes now double as wireless cell phone charging stations, according to Mashable.

Customers with the Watt a Box (in the video above) can deploy the included charging cables (for Android or Apple devices) and hook up to a 6100mAh lithium ion battery inside the container to replenish their phone while they consume a 5-in-1 combo meal.

Still, it might be best to keep expectations in check: In a tech test performed by reporter Marcia Sekhose at BGR, the power bank was depleted after just a half-hour of charging an iPhone up to 17 percent. Replenishing the Watt a Box battery resulted in only a 7 percent charge on another phone.

The boxes are currently only available in select stores in Delhi and Mumbai.

[h/t Mashable]