Taiwanese Pet Salon Shaves Unique Designs Into Four-Legged Clients


Pets enter this pet grooming salon in Taiwan looking for a haircut and leave as walking works of art. As Reuters reports, Igogo in the city of Tainan specializes in quirky hair styles for cats and dogs that owners can't find anywhere else.

The salon's owner Ou Shih-jou started out as a hairdresser before opening a salon for pets in September. A few of the designs she offers include paw prints, lion faces, Hello Kitty characters, and teddy bears shaved right into her clients' backs. For one signature style she shaves furry spikes along a cat's spine to make it resemble a stegosaurus.

She told Reuters, "When a cat gets angry, the fur on its back erects, that made us come up with 'stegosaurus design.'"

While dyeing dogs to look like other animals, such as tigers or pandas, has been a popular pet-grooming fad in China for years, Igogo stays away from fur dye and caters exclusively to cuts. As you can see from the photos below, that hasn't done much to limit their creativity.

[h/t Reuters]

All images courtesy of Instagram.

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