13 Unusual Air Fresheners for Offbeat Noses

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Who wants a little tree in their car when they can have bacon? These air fresheners double as a fun decoration long after the scent fades away.

1. BIGFOOT; $6

Cryptozoologists will love having a sasquatch dangling from their rearview mirror. From the right angle, it looks like the mysterious beast is crossing the car’s path. So what does a Bigfoot freshener smell like? Apparently a lot like his natural habitat: pine trees.

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Regardless of political beliefs, we can all agree that Trump has some strange hair. Celebrate this unusual ‘do with this air freshener, which smells like lemon.

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3. BACON; $6

Everyone loves the smell of bacon, so it makes sense to bring it everywhere you go, right? Now your car can smell like a fresh pan of sizzling meat thanks to this air freshener.

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The morose will enjoy (or at least approve of) this air freshener dedicated to one of history’s gloomiest poets. It smells like "Poe-pourri.”

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Channel your inner bard with this Shakespeare air freshener. While you might expect it to smell like old scrolls or possibly a rose, the manufacturers decided to go the punny route: The official scent is called "Shakespearmint.”

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This creepy air freshener draws its inspiration from the Middle Ages when the Bubonic Plague was in full swing. The 5-inch hanging air freshener glows in the dark and mercifully smells like bubblegum.

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Drive around with an accurate likeness of the infamous drug dealer, Heisenberg. The officially licensed freshener smells like strawberries. If that sounds a little too sweet for you, there is also this lemon-scented one.

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For another fruity air freshener, Hello Kitty has a hot pink option. They come in packs of two, so you can give one to a friend.

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You might not be an official member of the Illuminati, but you could gain some favor with the secret (and most definitely imaginary) organization with this flashy, 3-inch air freshener. The double-sided design features the iconic all-seeing eye in a triangle. It smells like musky hegemony and is “officially licensed.”

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If you love squirrels but think they need a lesson in modesty, this air freshener is the perfect thing for your car. The covered-up woodland creatures are a little over 4 inches tall and come with a string for hanging. They have a forest fresh scent that smells as clean as their briefs look.

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Friends and family won’t even notice all the fast food wrappers that litter your car when they see this air freshener. The classy chandelier shape gives off such an air of high society that riders will feel like they’re being driven around in a limousine.

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12. DOLE WHIP; $16

Those nostalgic for the Enchanted Tiki Bar in Disneyland can get their fix with an air freshener that smells like the famous Dole Whip. No one can resist the refreshing smell of pineapple ice cream.

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13. DRAKE; $7

You probably don’t realize how badly you need a Drake air freshener. Etsy store darlingBhuman explains that “Drake is always looking so clean, so fresh—like he just emerged from a luxurious bubble bath.” Therefore, the air freshener that has a clean scent that will keep your car as fresh as Drake's rhymes.

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