Discover History's Coolest Women Who Are Missing From Wikipedia

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History is said to be written by the victors, but with the internet comes a new adage: history can be written (or revised) by anyone with a will and a Wi-Fi connection.

Cool Chicks From History is a Tumblr devoted to highlighting some amazing women who have been either ignored, forgotten in time, or both. According to the site, this includes “Suffragettes, war workers, factory girls, socialites who got stuff done, ladies who ruled countries, and women who changed the world, even if it was just a little bit.”

Part of this means calling attention to women's lack of representation in history books and elsewhere, including on the internet’s most used resource, Wikipedia. Every few months, Cool Chicks From History does a round-up of prominent women who don’t currently have entries on the popular digital encyclopedia. The June edition features lawyers, medical professionals, activists, poets, politicians, a scientist, and a 7th century English princess.

As the blog notes, Wikipedia has well-documented gender issues (and a history of harassment), and these periodical posts are designed to encourage readers to create pages for the missing female figures. (The Wikipedia page for U.S. golfer Katherine Harley, featured above, was created because of their crowdsourcing.) Only a small fraction of Wikipedia editors are women, so if you’re a cool chick who’s interested in giving a few of these women a place in the internet’s reference section, check out this tutorial as well as this friendly forum for discussion.