Some of the most debilitating effects of autism, like sensory overload, are only apparent to the person living with them. To give a better sense of what life is like on the autism spectrum, The National Autistic Society produced a video that uses virtual reality to simulate the experience.

As Fast Company reports, the short film Autism TMI Virtual Reality Experience is viewable through 360-degree YouTube or Google Cardboard VR. The scene unfolds from the perspective of an autistic child waiting for their mom to withdraw money from a mall ATM. Everyday sights and sounds like flickering lights, clicking high heels, and jingling change become increasingly unbearable as the video progresses. You can watch the full two-minute film above.

Empathy is a vital part of raising autism awareness, and the organization Autism Speaks has produced a series of videos simulating what life is like on the autism spectrum. This new video takes the approach one step further by using virtual reality to give viewers a first-hand experience.

[h/t Fast Company]

All images courtesy of The National Autistic Society via YouTube.

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