Channel Your Inner Khaleesi With This Dragon Necklace


Artist and graphic designer Aelia Petro creates jewelry fit for a television queen. Her colorful dragon draper necklaces are reminiscent of Daenerys’s necklace on Game of Thrones.

But the beginnings of her jewelry collection weren't as grand. Before creating the Etsy line, Petro spent years working with beluga whales as a cove guide for Marineland Canada and she simply wanted a necklace to commemorate her time with the animals. After realizing some animal necklaces weren’t lifelike enough or were hard to find, she began making her own.

Petro has since branched out into dragons, making the draper necklaces out of polymer clay, pewter, resin and metal. Each of the dragons, which sell for about $60 to $80, can be custom-made and is painted by hand. Petro's store even features necklaces inspired by your favorite Game of Thrones firebreathers—Drogon, Viserion, Rhaegal.

For more information, visit Petro’s Etsy shop or website, Art by Aelia.

If necklaces aren’t your cup of tea, Petro also makes lifelike dragon rings and bracelets to showcase your love of the fantastical beasts.

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