Tour the Seinfeld Apartment as a Doom 2 Video Game Level

Andrew LaSane

The show about nothing meets the classic first-person shooter in this mashup created by Doug Keener. The Seinfeld apartment set (parts of which Jerry Seinfeld still owns) is one of the most iconic television spaces of all time, and the show is a favorite of Keener's, so he decided to recreate it in the 3D graphics of the Doom video game series.

Keener writes on YouTube that it took 100 hours to complete the playable custom map, which features the show's main characters spinning and walking around the apartment as the player's gun moves around the various rooms. Popular Seinfeld catchphrases are played as sound bites, while a synthesized version of the show's theme song serves as the game music. Things get a little dark towards the end of the video (above), but if you're familiar with the Doom games at all, you should know what's coming. Keener has made the custom map available to download for anyone who wants to join in the carnage, or who just wants to take a calm stroll through 129 West 81st Street, Apartment 5A.

[h/t The Verge]

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