Compare the Price Tags Of Your Favorite Movie Weddings

Caitlin Schneider
BeFrugal / BeFrugal

Real-life weddings are expensive, but real-life budgets generally keep any major extravagances contained. In the land of make believe however, all bets are off.

BeFrugal decided to take a look at five of the silver screen’s most memorable nuptials—in Bridesmaids, Father of the Bride, Sex and the City, The Hangover and Twilight: Breaking Dawn—and break down the costs involved with each. From venue (Father of the Bride nailed that one in terms of frugality), to the dress, the food, travel expenses, and more, it’s a practical look at imagined espousals, and a good way to keep things in perspective as we head into the heart of wedding season. At least you (hopefully!) don’t have to shell out for the Zac Posen bridesmaids dresses donned by Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda.