You Could Be in a Screenwriting Class With Aaron Sorkin

Shaunacy Ferro
MasterClass / MasterClass

Aaron Sorkin could be your next writing teacher. The Oscar-winning screenwriter, known for his fast-talking (and fast-walking) characters in dramas like The West Wing and The Social Network, will be a screenwriting instructor in a MasterClass online course starting later this summer.

The five-hour course—as previewed in the super Sorkin-y, oddly stirring trailer below—will include 25 video lessons plus critiques of select student work from the master himself.

Sorkin is one of several celebrities lending their expertise to MasterClass, which also features courses with Kevin Spacey, Serena Williams, Christina Aguilera, Werner Herzog, and others. (If Sorkin’s style isn’t your fave, you could also take writing with the world’s highest-paid practitioner of the craft, James Patterson.)

You can pre-enroll in Sorkin's screenwriting course for $90 here.

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