Video of Singapore Captures 3 Years of Urban Life in Less Than 5 Minutes

Kirstin Fawcett

Cities change and grow at such a rapid pace that sometimes you can miss it. That’s why photographer Keith Loutit filmed this timelapse video of Singapore, recently shared by Tech Insider. Spanning three years and containing more than a million shots, it provides a 5-minute look at how one of Asia’s busiest global cities has evolved over recent months.

"When we pass by landscapes, they appear fixed in time, but they change around us constantly," Loutit wrote on Vimeo. "The idea behind this film is to reveal this change by returning to the same camera positions over the years."

View more of Loutit's work on Facebook, and if you enjoyed the movie's soundtrack, take some time to get to know its composer, Michael Adler Miltersen.

[h/t Tech Insider]

Banner image courtesy of iStock.

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