Drone Captures Stunning Footage From Inside a 19th Century Church

Michele Debczak

Drones have been used to capture footage of some pretty remarkable places. For this video (spotted by BoingBoing), pilots and cinematographers from the production company BigFly used a drone to document a French cathedral's interior from a breathtaking perspective.

The 137-year-old Église Saint-Louis de Paimbœuf is a classic example of Neo Byzantine architecture. In the video's description, the creators characterize it as "a solemn place which the sun highlights every day." The light flooding into the church's dome lends the historical artwork a dream-like quality that's especially surreal when seen from a drone's-eye-view.

Check out BigFly's Vimeo page for more gorgeous aerial footage.

[h/t BoingBoing]

All images courtesy of BigFly via Vimeo.

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