Eat Wood-Fired Pizza in the Woods With BioLite's PizzaDome

Andrew LaSane
BioLite / BioLite

For some campers, leaving behind some of the amenities of everyday life is a part of the fun. Then, there are others who prefer quick access to modern comforts, like piping hot pizza BioLite's newest product, the PizzaDome, promises that your meal (pizza or otherwise) will be safely prepared and evenly heated.

The PizzaDome—priced at about $70—is an attachment for the BaseCamp Stove, an outdoor cooking device that turns wood fire into usable electricity and that doubles as a charging station for electronic devices. The three-piece system includes a ceramic pizza stone, a triangular base, and a stainless steel lid with a built-in thermometer—all weighing it at a total of 4.4 pounds. In addition to being lightweight (note that the BaseCamp Stove weighs 17.92 pounds), the PizzaDome is also speedy. It promises to cook a pizza in 5 to 10 minutes, and cools down in another 10 to 15. When you're way out of the delivery range for your favorite pizza shop, you'll likely be glad you packed a device that brings the heat.

Images via BioLite

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