Meet Needybot, Portland's Fuzzy Robot

Chris Higgins
YouTube // Wieden Kennedy
YouTube // Wieden Kennedy / YouTube // Wieden Kennedy

At ad firm Wieden+Kennedy's office in Portland, Oregon, you can meet a fuzzy, confused robot. Dubbed Needybot, it can't do much...except ask for help.

Designed by W+K's Lodge technology group, this robot is unusual. Lodge staffers write:

Needybot is not like other robots, because Needy was not made to perform a specific function to help us. Needybot’s purpose is to make us care, but it was built with just a few senses and little idea how to survive on its own.

Here's a 30-second intro to Needybot:

And here's a longer video explaining how the whole thing works. Representative quote: "If robots had puppies, it would look like Needybot." Enjoy:

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