15 Unusual Pieces of Glassware to Impress Your Guests

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The next time you sit down for a drink at your home bar, make sure you have a quirky glass on hand.

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Instead of swirling ice, drinkers who buy this glass can partake in a game—which requires them to guide two balls through a simple maze—that's built right into the bottom to ensure they'll never be bored.

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Now that Hi-C’s neon green Ecto-Cooler is coming back, you’re going to need just the right glass to drink it from. These special glasses are shaped like toxic waste barrels, perfect for any glowing slime you might want to consume. They come in sets of two, four, and six.

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If you have a go-to drink, but keep forgetting the ratios in the recipe, these glasses will help jog your memory. Each design shows the ratio of each ingredient with adorable designs printed right on the glass. Artist Alyson Thomas hand-draws each of the diagrams, which include drinks like mojitos, vodka tonics, and more.

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4. SHARK ATTACK; $21.95

This intimidating glass has a shark emerging from the bottom. Besides looking pretty cool, the shark also has a purpose: When you flip the drinking glass over, the hollow shark becomes a (huge) shot glass.

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5. PAC-MAN; $23.04

This pint glass features a white design of the original Pac-Man game. When you pour a cold liquid in it, the design becomes multi-color. The glass fits about 500ml of liquid and needs to be hand-washed to preserve the cold-sensitive ink.

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6. PLANETS; $49.99

Keep the entire solar system in your cabinet with this set of planetary glasses. The space-themed glassware features all the planets as well Pluto and the sun. The sun glass can fit 16 ounces, the planets can fit 10 ounces, and poor Pluto can only fit 4 ounces. The designs are heat-wrapped, so they are not dishwasher safe.

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Make taking a shot an even scarier experience with this set of spooky skull glasses.

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8. HALF FULL; $12.50


Your glass will always be half full with this clever double-walled vessel from Fred. Pour your beverage into the "half full" top part while the "half empty" bottom part stay dry.

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Carving initials into a tree trunk is romantic, but not very nice for the tree. Instead, get your initials immortalized on glassware. The customizable glasses come as pilsner or wine glasses that each feature a distinct tree trunk pattern and a heart surrounding your initials and any date you choose. The set comes with two glasses (either two pilsners, wine glasses, or one of each).

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Drinking is a vice, but not one of the deadly sins. You can have all seven listed and illustrated on a set of old-fashioned glasses. Illustrated by Mort Gerberg, each glass shows a devil demonstrating what each sin looks like.

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11. WINESTEIN; $19.95

Is this a wine glass or a beer stein? It turns out it can both! The hollow wine glass shapes fits inside a sturdy beer mug complete with handle. You can pour whatever liquid you would like in this novel container; the double-walled glass will keep it cold.

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Missing home? Now you can get a glass with your city’s streets etched into the side. Each map comes with streets and neighborhoods, and there are coordinates etched next to the map and city name.

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Mathematicians will love drinking from these formula-covered old fashioned glasses. Along with regularly numbered ounces, the glasses also have matching equivalent mathematical constants.

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14. MT. HOOD PINT; $45

This interesting pint glass has a miniature mountain sculpted into the bottom. The handblown glass features Oregon’s highest peak, Mt. Hood. Using USGS data, the designers were able to make the mountain’s shape very accurate. It’s lead-free and dishwasher safe.

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15. HTML; $25

This playful beer glass set comes with some HTML code that cheekily refers to the parts of the glass. It’ll make the perfect gift for the coder in your life.

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