Happy Pride! London Debuts Same-Sex Crosswalk Signals

Transport for London via Twitter
Transport for London via Twitter /

Transport for London via Twitter


It’s Pride Week in various cities across the world, and to celebrate the parade in London on June 25, Transport for London has installed new crosswalk signals that celebrate LGBTQ love.

The seven new crosswalk signal designs (spotted on Mic) are installed in about 50 traffic lights around Trafalgar Square. They ditch the typical green walk signal for images of same-sex couples holding hands and pairs of gender symbols, and one of the widely recognized transgender symbols. 

Transport for London

"Our campaign this year is called #nofilter, letting people live their lives as they want to,” Pride in London director Alison Camps said in a press statement. “These lights are a perfect display of that, saying that our city recognizes each and every one of us for who we are."

The traffic designs were inspired by a similar initiative in Vienna that debuted last year. Vienna’s queer-friendly signals were scheduled to be taken down after June’s Pride events wrapped up, but they proved to be so popular that the city approved them to stay up indefinitely. Fingers crossed that London’s Pride signals prove too popular to take down, too.

[h/t Mic]