Artist Creates Tiny Food Sculptures Out of Clay

Michele Debczak

Like many artists on Instagram, India-based Shilpa Mitha looks to food for her inspiration. But these creations aren’t meant to be eaten. As Mashable reports, her tiny, hyperrealistic masterpieces are sculpted from clay.

Mitha, known as suenosouvenir on Instagram, told Mashable that her line of micro meals began as a hobby. She started out making 3D sculptures from paper, then one day decided to make herself a pair of mini burgers to wear as earrings. Since sculpting the nibble-sized jewelry, she’s used her unique skills to make scaled-down recreations of cakes, fruit, fried chicken, Nutella jars, and much more.

Mitha originally went to Etsy to turn her art into a business, and now she takes orders for custom-made sculptures through her Facebook page. She does ship handmade items from her home in India to the U.S., and tutorials of her work can also be found on her blog.

[h/t Mashable]

All images courtesy of Shilpa Mitha via Instagram.

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