The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania
Darby Risner
Darby Risner / Darby Risner


Darby Risner of Trussville, Alabama, went to a friend’s house Sunday and saw a big purple Barney the Dinosaur head. She decided to put it on and scare her friends. But the 15-year-old said the head slid down over her shoulders to her elbows, and she couldn’t get the head off. She was stuck! Pictures were uploaded to social media because no one present could stop laughing. They finally loaded her into a car and took her to the local fire department, where there was more laughter and Darby was finally rescued from the jaws of Barney.


A pun-filled Facebook post from the Martin County (Florida) Sheriff's Office tells of an investigation into a report of an intruder. A homeowner called and said she returned home from walking her dog and the front door of her house was open. She could hear noises inside, so she called police.

Deputy Becky Brady and Deputy Erick Day entered the home and immediately located the suspect. Deputy Brady advised that the suspect tried to duck out on her several times, but they were able to apprehend him wihtout ratteling any feathers. Despite a fowl attitude, the univited house guest was released and not charged. Another MCSO case quacked.

Yes, it was a duck. Its motives in the home intrusion were not disclosed.


Johnny and Laura Benson were only married for about an hour when a rattlesnake interrupted the photoshoot and bit the groom. They had gone to Horsetooth Reservoir near Fort Collins, Colorado, to take pictures. As the groom was walking up the trail, the snake bit him in the leg.

“All of a sudden it was like someone kicked me in the shin. Then I looked over and saw the snake sitting there, and it was rattling,” Benson said. The couple flagged down a ranger who called an ambulance to take him to Poudre Valley Hospital.

The photographer, Maddie May, called the groom’s mother and notified her that the couple would be late for the reception. She kept shooting pictures of the event, of the snake, the paramedics, and the scene at the emergency room. Doctors determined that the snake had not injected venom with the bite, so Johnny was patched up and sent to the reception. You can see the entire sequence at Maddie May’s Facebook page.


Derrick DeAnda of Fair Oaks, California, stopped his vehicle when he saw a van that had rolled over on the side of the road. The van was on its side, blocking the doors, so DeAnda smashed the windshield and helped a man and his children to climb out, before emergency responders arrived. Deanna suffered a small scrape on his arm in the incident. The emergency crew looked at it and gave him a bottle of water to rinse the wound. Two months later, DeAnda received a bill for $143 from the fire department for a “first responder fee.” District Fire Chief Tracey Hansen confirmed the bill is automatic, and can only be waived by an appeal to the board of directors. He said the fire department will begin the process of an appeal.   


Sean and Michele Steele were on the highway to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, when they saw a truck hit a deer. Sean pulled his truck over, and went to pull the deer off the road—and possibly put it out of its misery. He dragged the deer carcass into a ditch.

“And then that’s when I seen the feet coming out the side of the doe.”

Steele pulled out his knife and performed a cesarian section on the deceased deer. It took less than three minutes, and the fawn started breathing on its own. The couple looked up a local wildlife shelter, Northern Lights Wildlife Society. They wrapped the fawn in blankets and put her in the back seat.  

The young fawn was dazed on the side of the road, working to get her legs under her and not realizing what had become of her mother until she was loaded into the back of the Steeles truck. “She had life in her right away,” Sean said. “She started squirming around, and she did start calling for her mother when she was in my truck.”

The shelter says that Friday, as the fawn was named, is doing well in the week since she was born in such unusual circumstances.