Italian Amusement Park Is Completely Manually Operated and Free to Visit

Rebecca OConnell

It seems like amusement parks these days are in an arms race to create the biggest, fastest roller coasters possible. But for all the fancy, envelope-pushing rides, many parks seem to suffer from a lack of charm. However, there is a quaint amusement park in Northern Italy that bucks this trend by featuring simple rides that don't even need electricity.

In the municipality of Nervesa Della Battaglia, you can find Osteria ai Pioppi, which was built by a man named Bruno. Despite lacking any formal engineering or construction training, Bruno has been working on his park for about 40 years. Each ride is lovingly crafted by hand and inspired by the movement of nature. Patrons can visit these manually powered rides for free.

"I look at movements in nature: a branch that is moving, a bird that is flying, and then I get an idea," Bruno told Great Big Story in a recent video (above).

[h/t Vimeo Staff Picks]

Primary image courtesy of Vimeo.