Who You Gonna Call for Ghostbusters-Themed Burgers? This Japanese Chain

Andrew LaSane
J.S. Burger Cafe / Fashionsnaps
J.S. Burger Cafe / Fashionsnaps / J.S. Burger Cafe / Fashionsnaps

The new Ghostbusters film won't hit U.S. theaters until July 15, but a restaurant in Japan is already celebrating. Grubstreet reports that patrons of the local chain J.S. Burgers Cafe will have the chance to try out themed menu items that make reference to the Ghostbusters franchise.

The restaurant will be dishing out ectoplasm-like green kiwi smoothies and black chili chips. They'll also be serving up two very unique burgers: the G.B. Burger (above), which has black buns, purple cabbage, and black olive and anchovy paste; and the Marshmallow Mad Burger, a dessert burger made of a tower of marshmallow with chocolate sandwich cookie pieces.

The collaboration with Ghostbusters will also include T-shirts and other merchandise with dual branding for the film and the restaurant, where the lot will be sold exclusively between July 1 and September 30. Those who can't make it to Japan to try the marshmallow burger might want to settle for Hi-C Ecto Coolers, now that they've officially made a comeback.

[h/t Grubstreet]

Images via J.S. Burger Cafe // Fashionsnaps

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