What Are the Chances of Landing Your Dream Job?


Few people are under the delusion that it’s easy to become a movie star or a U.S. president, but the reality of reaching far-out career goals feels a whole lot starker when you see it in precise numbers. Canada’s Online Casino crunched some numbers to show just how rare getting one of those dream jobs is. 

This might put your political aspirations in perspective, although the larger point the infographic is making is that it's way, way too common to die in a car crash. You're much more likely to die on the road than you are to start a successful business, much less become a U.S. representative.

You might be surprised by how much easier it is to become a professional hockey or baseball player. If you've made it to your high school baseball team, you've got a 1 in 659 chance of making it to the pros (though it's unclear if that means the majors and the minors, or just the majors).

Unfortunately for all those business school grads out there, an MBA doesn't guarantee you a spot as a chief executive. While an MBA is more likely than an engineer or a lawyer to become a CEO, you've still got a pretty small chance of making it to the top of a major company.

Good luck out there!

Images courtesy of Online Casino.

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