This Is Not a Drill: A Lisa Frank Coloring Book Is Coming Soon

Rebecca OConnell

Adult coloring books are big right now. So big, that we've compiled a ton of lists covering the various coloring books you can buy. Some coloring hands might be getting weary at this point, but those hands better find some ice to soak in, because a very important coloring book is making its debut soon. Lisa Frank, the company known for its bright, saccharine designs, just announced the upcoming arrival of their very own coloring book on Instagram.

The announcement is as mysterious as the company itself, and only offers a teaser image, so there's no word yet about the book's release date. Judging by the picture, fans are in for a book bursting with gleeful unicorns, castles, and of course, rainbows. You're going to need a huge pack of crayons if you want to do this thing justice.

Children and nostalgic adults alike are going to be clamoring for this coveted book, but since there's no publishing date, it might be a while before it arrives. To help pass the time until it does, we recommend you peruse Lisa Frank's Facebook page for extremely solid life advice.

[h/t Hello Giggles]