3D-Printed Toppers Make Your Wedding Cake Super Personalized

Firebox / Firebox

Wedding planning is a hectic and complicated process involving a lot of minute, nitty-gritty decisions. One of the many smaller decisions is what to put on top of the cake. There are plenty of interesting cake toppers out there, but you might find that none really reflect who you are as a couple. Luckily, with the magic of 3D printing, you can have a realistic rendering of you and your loved one.

Marry-Mees toppers are 3D-printed upon request using a pair of well-lit headshots of the front and side of your mug, preferably against a white background. It's asked that the pictures don't include glasses because they're apparently too small to fit on the miniature toppers. 

Couples can choose between a traditional pose or a more macabre option (click through to see). Each figure is nine centimeters (about three and a half inches) tall, and can either wear a dress or a suit. Despite being made of plastic, they are not waterproof, so don't bring your cake out into a rainstorm.

You can place an order for your own personalized cake topper on Firebox