This Everyday Slime Is Full of Built-In Magic Tricks

Caitlin Schneider

Polyethylene oxide (also known as POLYOX) doesn’t sound very fun or exciting, but in the video above, science presenter Steve Mould illustrates the magical abilities of the slime—which you probably encounter on a daily basis.

As Mould says, polyethylene oxide makes up the lubricated strips on many disposable razors. In the video, he has it dissolved in a beaker of water and explains that the polymer is made of long-chain molecules which are all connected. “So although this is a liquid,” he says, “when the liquid flows, those molecules tug on each other, meaning it behaves in a really weird way.”

That "weird way" results in a self-pouring liquid and a cool syringe trick you have to see to believe. The polymer is just one of the many topics Mould tackles in his YouTube videos, so check it out and prepare to wow your friends with tales of this seemingly otherworldly ooze when Ghostbusters comes out in July.

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Images: Steve Mould, YouTube

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