Here at mental_floss, we got so excited about Canada Day that we couldn't contain ourselves to a mere 24 hours. That's why, starting today at noon, we'll be peppering our feed with fresh Canadian flavor (yes, it smells like bacon) and continuing the festivities all day July 1.

We’ve got primers on how to speak Canadian, read Canadian, eat Canadian, what to call Canadians from various parts of the country, and what to do if you spot a Canadian monster. We’ve explained the most perplexing habits of Canadians—why do they drink milk that comes in bags? Why is their cheese so expensive?—and written profiles of their most unusual celebrities, including a legendary tightrope walker and a prime minister who sought the future in his shaving cream.

And if you're scratching your head and wondering what Canada Day is, exactly, look no further. Now if you'll excuse us, there are Coffee Crisps to eat and Tim Horton's to drink. Amusez-vous!