This Megalodon Sculpture Looks Like a Wes Anderson-esque Submarine


This amazing megalodon sculpture—created by an appropriately named artist, Nemo Gould—resembles a submarine complete with a periscope, radio antenna, and fin-shaped sail. When switched on, its tail moves and propellers spin on its fins. Even more impressive is what goes on behind the scenes: When you look at the other side of the shark, you can see a cross-section of the action inside.

The part fish, part submarine, part space station is so detailed that you might have to watch the video more than once to get a full idea of the inner workings. Robots and tiny action figures work tirelessly to keep the shark running while tiny lights and gears flicker and turn. Orange lights in the shark's mouth and eyes make it look very intimidating.

Megalodon is the ultimate apex predator," Gould says on his website. "Emulating the elaborate action-figure play-sets of my youth, this piece appears to be a Shark from a distance. Closer inspection reveals it to be a vessel, part submarine, part spaceship, teeming with the activity of its crew working at their respective tasks."

The whole magnificent thing is made from recycled and found materials. The body of the shark itself is made from a salvaged wing fuel tank from a F-94 jet fighter. The rest is made from "thousands of other lovingly hoarded, and hand crafted objects."

[h/t adafruit]

Primary image courtesy of Nemo Gould, Vimeo.