This Light Bulb Has Been Burning for 115 Years

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In Livermore, California, a lightbulb has been burning for 115 years. It's the longest-burning bulb in the world, and has only been turned off four times since it was put into service. (Details on that, plus lots on the bulb itself, in our comprehensive history of the bulb.)

Our friend Craig Benzine went to visit the "Centennial Bulb" and talk to the folks who are keeping it burning. The resulting video is great fun. Benzine digs into the key question we all have: Why is this particular bulb still burning, when so many others have bitten the dust? Have a look:

If that's not enough Centennial Bulb coverage for you, check out BULBCAM, a delightfully Web 1.0 webcam page showing the bulb every 30 seconds. (Complete with animated GIFs all over the place!)