Take a 360-Degree Tour of an Iconic New York City Record Store


First opening in December 1995, Other Music Records has been the centerpiece for the independent music scene in New York City’s East Village for years. The iconic record store has been graced by the likes of Yo La Tengo, The Shins, Jenny Lewis, and The Flaming Lips, who all put on in-store performances or parties over the last two decades. Sadly, Other Music closed its doors for good last week, A.V. Club reports, but not before the owners shared a 360-degree tour of the store to preserve the memory of the space.

Last week, Other Music had a funeral parade down East 4th Street in Manhattan to celebrate 21 years worth of creativity and music. It was only part of the farewell. Other Music's co-owner Josh Madell also gave one last tour for TrackRecord. The immersive video above allows viewers to take a closer look at some of the hidden gems that Other Music sold and showcased, including exclusive artwork, rare new and used vinyl and CDs, along with various music books and magazines. The record store even featured a few gold records from some of the bands they worked with in the past.

“All three Vampire Weekend albums, first two Shins records up there, and there’s The Strokes’ first record,” Madell pointed out. “These are all bands that we worked with a lot. Shopped here. Hung out here.”

Check out the beloved space above.

[h/t A.V. Club]

Images courtesy of Getty.

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