Hong Kong Disneyland Serves Up Dim Sum Shaped Like Disney Characters

Rebecca OConnell

The miniature size and often round shape of Dim sum—small portions of Chinese cuisine, like dumplings or steamed buns—can lend itself to incredible creativity. Crystal Lotus, a restaurant at the Disneyland in Hong Kong, takes full advantage of this, creating elaborate buns and pancakes modeled after familiar Disney characters.

Some of the offerings include seafood pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse, pork and vegetable buns reminiscent of the aliens in Toy Story, and red bean buns molded into Olaf from Frozen. And the food artists don't skimp on the details, either. The buns often feature bows, stick arms, and perfectly molded ears.

The Disney Dim Sum is available on weekends and holidays during lunch, but be sure to call ahead to let them know you'll be making the order.

[h/t Design Taxi]

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