Vending Machines in Japan Now Offer Self-Freezing Coca-Cola

Andrew LaSane

"Super Chill!! Coca-Cola" made its online debut in 2010. Now the self-freezing drink is finally available in about 1000 special vending machines at 7-Elevens in the Tohoku region of Japan, RocketNews 24 reports.

As demonstrated in the video above, to get the soda to freeze, customers have to first twist off the cap to break the seal. When the bottle is resealed and inverted, the liquid becomes a semi-frozen refreshment. The specially made vending machines are what cause the trick, because they keep the colas cooled at 24.8°F. When the seal is broken, carbon dioxide causes ice crystals to form either in the bottle or while the liquid is poured into a glass.

There is no word yet on when, or if, the special machines will expand to other locations, so for now we all have to watch the video above and live vicariously through those lucky enough to try it.

[h/t RocketNews 24]

Image Credit: RocketNews 24 // YouTube

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