McDonald's Introduces Sriracha Sauce to the Menu at Select Restaurants

Andrew LaSane
McDonald's / McDonald's

If your lunch plans involve a quick stop at the nearest McDonald's, you can go ahead and leave those handy to-go packets of Sriracha at home. According to Mashable, the fast food chain recently announced that the spicy condiment has found its way onto restaurant menus in San Diego, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

The Signature Sriracha sandwich includes the sauce (a mixture of Sriracha and Big Mac sauce) with white cheddar, crispy onions, tomato, and baby kale and spinach on either beef, Artisan Grilled Chicken, or Buttermilk Crispy Chicken, according to a press release.

The company hopes that the particular greens will balance the spiciness of the sauce and provide an alternative to the lettuce often found on fast food burgers. Customers can also choose between a sesame seed bun, artisan roll, or a potato bun.

McDonald's diners in San Diego and Los Angeles have already been testing the new flavor since June 20, and participating restaurants in Seattle will introduce the new sandwiches and sauce on July 7. There is no word on whether the sauce will show up at other McDonald's restaurants across the country.


[h/t Mashable]

Images via McDonald's

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