12 Amazing Pencils for Jotting Down Your Really Good Ideas

Duncan Shotton
Duncan Shotton / Duncan Shotton
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The Yellow No. 2 pencil might be a classic schoolroom staple, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix things up.

1. ARROWS; $7

This colorful set of four pencils is a nostalgic callback to trying to figure out the bow and arrow at summer camp. Each pencil has fletching at the end and looks like a real arrow when sharpened.

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2. KING KONG; $3

Fans of King Kong can use this skyscraper-like pencil and its accompanying eraser to reenact the giant ape's climb right at their desks.

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Animal lovers who'd rather be on safari can get a little taste of the wild with this pencil set, which features a tiger, lion, elephant, and zebra. If woodland animals are more your scene, you can try this pack

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4. SPROUT; $15

These seemingly innocuous pencils have a secret: Inside each pencil stub is a pack of seeds. When the pencil gets too short to write with, the owner can plant the pencil in the ground and watch as a plant grows in its place. The #2 pencils are made with harvested cedar wood. The pack comes with eight different colored pencils: brown (cilantro), red (cherry tomato), purple (sage), black (sunflower), blue (forget me not), green (basil), and pink (thyme).

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5. TWIGS; $15

Made from real pine sticks, the pencils come in six colors: blue, green, orange, red, yellow, and pink.

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Duncan Shotton is known for his whimsical product designs. His fanciful pencils have colorful tips that transform into rainbows when sharpened. The pencil shafts come in white or black to make the rainbow interior pop.

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These tiny pencils, created as part of the Mexico Design Challenge 2011, have a simple purpose: to make their users think about deforestation. The tree-friendly pencils are made with recycled paper and come in a matchbook-like case; the sandpaper strip sharpens them.

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8. SCENTED; $14

Scented markers make frequent appearances in school supply boxes, but what about pencils? These colored pencils have food-inspired smells that promise to give off a sweet smell for two years. The flavors include strawberry cupcake, grape soda, cotton candy, root beer, and more.

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9. BENDY; $8

Ever get so frustrated that you wanted to bend your pencil in half? Then these might be the pencils for you: They bend enough to ease anger but won't leave wooden shards in your wake. (You can even tie them in knots!) The pencils, which come in a set of 30, are very fun, but tough to sharpen, according to reviews.

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Drummers are known to turn almost anything into a pair of drumsticks, especially writing utensils—which makes these drumstick-shaped pencils the perfect gift for the drummer in your life.

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Arrested Development

is one of the most quotable sitcoms to ever grace television, so honor it with a collection of pencils with various quotes pressed into the sides. The pack comes with 12 pencils with six different quotes.

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12. BROOM; $9

We’re all familiar with the scourge of eraser pills left over from intense erasing. Luckily, these pencils are shaped like brooms, which are perfect for sweeping away all the unwanted eraser debris.

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