One Kentucky City Transforms Empty Parking Spots Into Mini Parks


Adding more parks is a quick way to improve any city or town, but for many places this is easier said than done. But as City Lab reports, one Kentucky city has found a creative way to fit more public spaces into a limited amount of land.

On May 6, five "parklets" were installed around Covington, Kentucky through a program called Curb’d. Local businesses and design teams collaborated to submit ideas for parks, and out of the 11 finalists, five designs were chosen to be built.

Each interactive area is situated in an empty parking spot. At the "Wish-Igloo" outside of Covington’s Left Bank Coffeehouse, visitors are invited to post handwritten wishes on the structure's wooden beams. "Hopscotch Gardens," outside the Braxton Brewing Company, offers adults a place to drink and kids a place to play, while the parklet outside Stoney’s Village Toy Shop features a giant xylophone for guests to jam on.

One of the most interactive concepts is "Ride" outside the restaurant Inspirado: After grabbing a bite to eat, diners can hop on the parklet’s stationary bikes to work off dinner and power a movie screen.

Curb’d founder Sam O’Connor installed her first parklet in Cincinnati as a way to attract crowds to a gallery she was managing at the time. Covington is the first official site of the project, and O’Connor believes the concept could work elsewhere. "It’s about creating destinations," she told City Lab. "They promote walkability, but also bring some character into the neighborhood."

Covington’s parklets will be open through the end of October. You can check out some of the innovative designs below.

[h/t City Lab]

All images courtesy of Instagram.

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