On August 21 and 28, Harry Potter fans are invited to dine at Hogwarts Castle—the intricate model version, that is. The handcrafted set piece took seven months to build and has 300 lights installed to mimic the glow of lanterns. 

Warner Bros. Studio’s new Harry Potter breakfast experience in London starts with watching dawn break over the model castle (which will presumably be simulated, as the model is indoors and tours don’t start until 8:30 a.m.). Then, guests get an insider tour of the Great Hall, stocked with Pixie Puffs and Cheeri Owls and staffed with employees in full Hogwarts uniform for the occasion, plus a look at the Gryffindor common room, Dumbledore’s office, Number Four Privet Drive, Diagon Alley, and other favorite sets used in the films. 

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

According to Travel + Leisure, breakfast includes tasty treats like mini brioches with tomato chutney and bacon, sausage and brown sauce muffins, and fruit kebabs with maple syrup. 

Tickets are on sale today (July 6) here. Adult entry costs £95 ($123); children are £75 ($97).

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