Let This 5-Year-Old Teach You How to Make a Tornado in a Jar

Shaunacy Ferro

Oliver Shafer knows more about tornadoes than your average 5-year-old. In his latest video, the science-obsessed tot shows viewers how to create a mini-tornado in a jar—although you might not always understand what he’s saying. The budding host uses dish soap, vinegar, and food coloring to take you through the science of tornadoes, all without the help of any lab assistants. Shafer’s dad told The Huffington Post that while he and his wife discussed some tornado basics with Oliver beforehand and provided the required camerawork, the rest was up to the 5-year-old, who has some serious performance chops. We can’t wait to see what kind of experiments he’ll show us next. Take a look above.

All images via YouTube.

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